Handheld Inkjet Printer suppliers Product Model:IP100 Product Features:Multi-core CPU with high frequency 5-inch color ultra-high-definition smart capacitive touch screen New easy-to-operate UI interface Fully enclosed design, the interface is not exposed Built-in induction wheel 600dpi high definition quality printing Lightweight ergonomic design of the machine Large capacity rechargeable battery After Sales Care:Multiple luxury gifts, lifetime free warranty, only for the year not repair Efficiency Makes You Love It:New upgrade chip, no jam, smooth operation, follow the editing, sensitive Inkjet Printer Package:1. Handheld intelligent inkjet printer 2. Original ink cartridge 3. Power cord 4.U disk 5. Photoelectric sensor 6. Rice gold locator 7. Auxiliary wheel 8. Aluminum box 9.Instruction manual Use Industry Materials:Suitable for a variety of industries and materials: daily necessities/metal accessories/beverage packaging/bookbinding/food packaging/glass products, etc Examples of customers: 聽Some time ago, many schools have bought our hand-held inkjet printer in bulk. Like children's names, they should be printed on the clothes and cups, which can prevent them from taking mistakes. With high temperature hot blister 3.4 days completely do not fade, how to rub off Ink Cartridge:Waterproof and anti-wipe long-term printing content using solvent-based quick drying ink cartridge, more than adhesion, water without halo-printing effect is better, different materials, different adhesion effect 聽聽Handheld Inkjet Printer suppliers website:http://www.huinkjet.com/handheld-inkjet-printer/