China Casting Battery Case manufacturers Product parameters Dimensions626脳557脳141mm Weight23.2kg Vehicle power form BrandLanzhou Huandian The low-pressure casting integrated molding process is adopted, and the product integration is high. On the one hand, it simplifies the supply chain management of the OEM, and on the other hand, it is also conducive to cost control. By using a 4030 specification large-scale low-pressure casting machine, the production of castings with a maximum external dimension exceeding 2000mm can be realized, and the thickness of the thin wall is only 4mm, which meets the requirements of lightweight. Such products have been widely used in various new energy passenger vehicles of SAIC Motor, with more than 300,000 units delivered in total, without a single after-sales complaint. Service customers also include BYD, Sungrow, etc. It has an annual output of 300,000 pieces of various pallets.China Casting Battery Case manufacturers website: