Request a Refund


Customers will be refunded within the first 30 days from the date of service activation. The amount and form of the refund will depend on the specific refund case specified in the refund policy.


Customers will be refunded 100% of the service value within the first 15 days from the date of service activation. Customers will be refunded the remaining amount of the service value after deducting the 1-month usage fee if the refund request is made from the 16th to the 30th day from the date of service activation. If the refund transaction occurs at a time beyond 30 days from the date of service activation, the following cases will be accepted: Service pack upgradeService pack switching The balance generated after deducting the cost of the new service package will be added to the account balance (coin) of the customer account used to buy other services from Vhearts. This balance cannot be converted to cash.

3.Refund Conditions:

Vhearts only refunds when we receive your request sent via ticket or email. The refund policy only applies to payment service packages for a term of 3 months or more. The refund policy is applied only once for each customer. If the customer requesting a refund has one of the following that matches the company's refunded customer or service data, then the refund request will be denied: Same claimant (same ID number, ID card), phone number registered in customer information when registering for the service. The refund policy does not apply to services registered through promotions. The refund policy does not apply to services that violate the service use regulations. Either the customer's use causes the service's failure, or the customer's ability to use the service. Vhearts will refund refund requests with a value of less than $5 to your Vhearts balance account.This amount can be used to pay for new orders or service renewal orders. next service. Refund time will be 7–14 days from the time of request for a refund. A refund is the form on which you pay. That is, if you pay through any payment gateway, Vhearts will refund that payment gateway. You will bear the transfer transaction fee (if any).

Refund Guidelines

You can send a refund request through a ticket at, or send it by email to account management to emailbusiness@ with previously registered service management information. After 12h-24h, Vhearts will receive the refund request and give you feedback about the refund.


Vhearts has the full right to change and supplement the policy content from time to time in accordance with the environment and laws of Vietnam and will notify all customers via email. It is the customer's responsibility to regularly monitor this email or text to ensure compliance with the terms at all times.