China E257384 backlight factory Overview The LCD screen itself does not emit light, so if you want to present a clear and flexible image on the LCD screen, you must illuminate the screen. This is the role of Es-501 LED TV Backlight for Tcl 55 Inch Lb5505 LED Backlight Strips. Backlighting is a form of lighting that is often used in LCD displays. The difference between the backlight and the front light is that the backlight is illuminated from the side or from behind. Our products can provide bright light and you can find comfortable brightness no matter day or night, so your eyes will not feel tired. We know that product quality is an important factor affecting the overall performance of products, so we continue to improve product quality. Features The light source of Es-501 LED TV Backlight for Tcl 55 Inch Lb5505 LED Backlight Strips is installed in flexible plastic and fully covered, so it is very safe and has a certain degree of waterproof and dustproof. At the same time, its specifications are consistent with the backlight used in the original brand products, so the installation is very simple, and it is compatible with many TV models. The aluminum alloy base material is not easy to break, has good toughness, and has good heat dissipation performance, so the service life of the product is very long. Finally, the light of our products is very soft and won't hurt your eyes. Product Specification ModelES-501-A/5,ES-501-B/4 Complete Set8PCS锛?A+4B锛?/span> PCB MaterialCopper/Aluminium UsageTV Repair and replacement Part Number55D2900 Manufacturer Part Number55D2900 TV Panel NumberLVU550ND1L SD9W09 Board Number55D2900 A 55HR330MO5A6 V4 HR-56911-08312 LC8RB2U3-D-K 4C-LB5505-HR04J 55D2900 B 55HR330MO4B6 V4 HR-56910-03889 LC8RB2U3-D-K 4C-LB5504-HR13J Warranty180-Day Warranty Compatible models TCL L55P2-UD TCL 55D2900 TCL L55E5800A-UP TCL D55A620U TCL D55A630U TCL D55A660U TCL D55A810 TCL B55A558U TCL B55A658U TCL B55A858U TCL 55AS5500 TCL L55F3800A TCL 55P4 TCL LE55D8600 TCL D55A710 TCL D55A730 TCL D55A810 TCL 55M1A TCL 55K2U Certificate Packing,Storage,and Transportation Standard packaging is the way of plastic tray plus carton. At the same time, we also support customer-customized packaging modes, such as bubble wrap packaging, complete sets of paper tube packaging, etc. In terms of cargo storage, we have more than 4000銕?area. It includes material storage, finished product storage, packaging material storage and original inventory storage. In terms of transportation, we support sea, air, and land transportation. At present, our main air freight service providers are DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS and various air freight lines. EU countries can also choose the China Railway Express. Brands we serve We serve more than 90% of brands on all continents.China E257384 backlight factory website: