The Use Of Glue Equipment manufacturers Application Scope Wood coating fitting, textiles lamination, PET transparentboxes, auto inner decoration pieces, bookbinding, household appliance assembly etc. Features 1. Progressive-heating metting. 2. The colloid is separated from the air during heat-metting. 3. Teflon protective layer is coated to prevent carbonization and reduce blocking. 4. Stepless adjusting glue amount output. 5. Humanized main motor operation with protection function. 6. Function of alarming upon shortage of glue. 聽 SystemSpeed controlAC motor gear pump Barrel diameter280mm锛?86mm锛?/p> Max.glue supply amount20Kg/H Output pipe1line锛坥r 2lines锛?/p> Max.working pressure8.5Mpa Operating temperature scope锛圧T锛墌250鈩?/p> Environment temperature scope-20C~50鈩?/p> Temperature control precision卤鈩?/p> Power supply220V ax.system power3.5KW Air pressure applied0.5~0.8Mpa Weight195Kg Connection signal2Input锛?0utput Installation size锛圠锛?030x锛圵锛?50x锛圚锛?450mm Level of preventionIP54 聽The Use Of Glue Equipment manufacturers website: